Project Examples

Strands Energy and its strategic partners have delivered a wide array of solutions internationally ranging from specific technology subcontracting to complete system design, development, and deployment. Examples of Technology, Design, and Applications services delivered include:

  • Protocol conversion for distribution automation project. Provided fast-turnaround engineering services to custom develop the required capabilities and integrate and test with complete system.
  • Cost effectively developed and delivered SCADA/HMI and communications solution for US company's American captive power project.
  • Implemented power system management solution using PLCs, protocol converters, micro-RTUs, and fiber communications to meet all customer design objectives.
  • Integrated sub-metering, HVAC, boilers, chillers, asset management, SCADA, billing, and reporting systems into a complete application for supporting daily operations and business processes for energy and infrastructure management at a 1.2 million sq. ft. mall in the USA.
  • Developed and delivered intelligent grid management system for a European electric power system operator for maximizing the penetration of renewable generation sources and combined heat and power systems for optimizing grid operations.
  • Designed and built a system for integrating backup generation, demand management and facilities management with real time energy markets to optimize energy procurement, energy consumption, ISO demand response and distributed generation program participation.
  • Testing, debugging and reporting for multiple projects.
  • Assisted with BlueFin deployment for multiple projects in the USA.
  • Actively participated with the US partner in developing a full fledge power system testing laboratory and contributed in SCADA development, Asset controls using 61131 plc programing, User interface development for asset's local console,
  • Data communication and data warehousing.